ABVP Team visits Brookhshabad Area

Port Blair, Jan 11:  On 10 Jan, Port Blair, ABVP Team visited Brookhshabad under a program run by ABVP “Chale gao ki or”. The program targeted to analyzing and taking up the problems of villages in front of A&N Administration. The villages of Andaman and Nicobar Islands which are backward and extra Isolated from the city are the main focus of this program.

ABVP Team discussed the local issues with the Residents of Brookhshabad. Problems like lack of public transport, excessive Smoke from Brookhshabad dumping ground, Unavailability of proper water supply and poor network Connectivity were presented by the villagers.

This Initiative by ABVP is to promote back to village program by drawing the attention of the administration towards the remote areas of the islands and for engaging students of  the Islands in social work and evolve them as responsible citizens.



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