Dos & DON’Ts of lightning safety

DOs Donts
·        Keep ready an emergency kit with important medication.

·        Postpone outdoor activities.

·        Go inside when you hear thunder.

·        Stay inside for at least 30 minutes after you last hear thunder or see lightning.

·        Unplug any/all electrical/electronic equipments/appliances such as TV, computer, fans etc. and turn off Air Conditioner well before the storm arrives.

·        Use battery operated radio for news updates.

·        Find a house, building or a car with a solid roof.

·        Stay away from broken power lines and report them immediately.

·        Help people who may require special assistance such as infants, children, women and elderly.

·        Provide immediate medical treatment if someone near you has been struck.


·        Do not lie on concrete/marble floors and do not lean against concrete walls.

·        Avoid contact with electrical equipments or cords.

·        Avoid shower, take a bath, wash dishes or use any other water source.

·        Do not swim or be close to water bodies.

·        Do not go under or near tall trees.

·        Do not stand near metal objects such as fencing, bikes and machinery.

·        Don’t lie on the ground.


Courtesy: Directorate of Disaster Management

A&N Administration


Emergency contact Nos.

  1. a) State Control Room – 03192-234287, 238880, 241026, 1077
  2. b) Emergency Operation Cetnres (EOCs) – P/B – 03192238881, 1070; M/bunder – 03192262960; C/N-03193265241: Kamorta – 03193263222; C/Bay – 03193 264020; L/Andaman – 03193284014
  3. c) Police – 232100, 100
  4. d) Fire – 232101, 101
  5. e) Health – 232102, 102


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