Media Federation requests DGP to designate PRO for all three districts for dissemination of correct information

Port Blair, Jan 04: The Andaman and Nicobar Media Federation has requested the Director General of Police designate senior officers as Public Relations Officer for all three districts.
Talking to Andaman Sheekha the President of ANMF Mr. K Ganeshan today said that earlier there were a practice that a SP ranked officers of every district used to be the PRO of police department to disseminate correction information but since last several years no PRO was assigned, leading to huge gap between public and police department.
“Reporting crime reports is essential to spread awareness among masses about various crimes and keeping public alert from criminals as well as fraudsters. But because of communication gaps, in absence of PRO, Islanders are not getting correct information,” the President of ANMF said.
During media interaction of former DGP at PHQ, this matter was highlighted by members of ANMF but even though, no PRO has been assigned by Andaman and Nicobar Police.
The ANMF mentioned that he is confident that under the guidance of new DGP of A & N Police, media will have better access to information so that people get correct information about various crimes and other welfare activities of A & N Police.

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