MV Nancowry scheduled for Visakhapatnam on 08.02.2021

Port Blair, Feb 03: In order to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 in these islands, this directorate under the directives of A & N Administration had suspended operation of its vessels to Mainland Island since March, 2020 between Port Blair, Kolkata, Chennai & Vizag. However, during the pandemic period special arrangements were made by this directorate for transshipment of stranded personnel from Mainland Island to Port Blair.


In light of the guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs for surveillance, containment and caution with regard to COVID-19 and subsequent order by A&N Administration for its implementation, the Directorate of Shipping Services had initially resumed shipping services to Tourist destinations like Swaraj Dweep & Shaheed Dweep from December, 2020 and similarly, operation of vessels to Inter Island and Foreshore sector is also gradually resuming.

Keeping in view, the present prevailing situation to facilitate the Mainland Island bound passengers this Directorate have planned to schedule the vessel MV Nancowry for Visakhapatnam on 08.02.2021. The following sailing programme of MV Nancowry has been planned for VIZAG on 08.02.2021.




(in Hrs)

PORT BLAIR 08.02.2021 MON 1309 1600  
11.02.2021 THU VIZAG 13.02.2021 SAT 1310 1600  
16.02.2021 TUE PORT BLAIR  







Passenger tickets for the above sailing will commence from 04.02.2021 at STARS Ticketing Counter, Phoenix Bay.

The passenger who wish to travel from Port Blair to Visakhapatnam has to strictly adhere to the following guidelines

  1. Passenger has to undergo Screening/Medical Examination at Harbour before embarkation.
  2. Passenger are advised to arrive at Port atleast 02 hours prior to the departure time of the vessel for timely completion of Medical Test and other formalities.
  3. All passengers shall compulsorily wear face mask properly during all time onboard vessel.
  4. Passenger shall maintain orderly embarkation and disembarkation and avoid congregation on board vessel and maintain social distancing.
  5. Consumption of Liquor, Paan, Ghutka, Totacco etc. onboard vessel and spitting is strictly prohibited.
  6. Passenger having any sign of fever, cough or difficulty in breathing while onboard, are advised to inform the same to the ship staff and seek medical attention immediately.
  7. All passengers to follow the instruction and guidelines onboard as per the advice of Officers and crew of the vessel.

Similarly, in addition to above guidelines passenger traveling from Visakhapatnam to Port Blair has to submit RTPCR COVID Negative Test Report  with validity of 48 Hrs. during embarkation at Vizag Port failing which embarkation will be denied. Further, they are subjected to undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on arrival at Port Blair.

Passenger are hereby advised to follow the above guidelines for their safety and other fellow passengers onboard.

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