PM SVANidhi Scheme at Port Blair City

Port Blair, Jan 31: PM SVANidhi was initiated with the aim to provide relief to the street vendors suffering due to the pandemic. One such beneficiary is Smti M.Thamarai Selvi who runs a small roadside snack shop at Austinabad. She supports a family of two young children with a husband who is a private worker.

The pandemic days were hard for her family as they struggled to make the end meet, when  their meagre source of income had come to a standstill  and with all their savings exhausted.

Her young daughter says that they were at the mercy of their neighbours for food and money. It was during this hard times that she heard about the PM SVANidhi from one of her neighbours. She applied for the same in the PBMC facilitation counter with the help of the staff. Upon availing the micro-credit facility  of Rs 10,000,she first bought snack items for restarting her business, then paid the borrowed money to the neighbours, and finally bought ration items for home.

Now, she is in a much better shape financially and expresses her gratitude to the administration and PBMC for timely assistance and handholding support.

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