Administration must impose heavy fine on NHIDCL for causing deep inconvenience to Public

Port Blair: The Andaman Trunk Road was handed over to NHIDCL after giving bagful of assurances to the public that the Andaman Trunk Road will be transformed into a silky smooth surface for movement of ATR traffic but on the contrary the condition of Andaman Trunk Road is becoming bad to worse, and sadly, there is no one in Administration to question NHIDCL regarding this.

It appears as if the NHIDCL has been given free hand to harass public of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and there is no control over the contractors. Thousands of ATR passengers are going through hell each day but the top officers are not even questioning NHIDCL for such careless attitude.

From Nilambur to Diglipur there are dozens of area in ATR, which are not even fit for movement of vehicles but everyday people have to risk their lives to cross those road stretches.

The question is if there is a major accident tomorrow at ATR and some people dies, who should be held responsible for this NHIDCL or Administration?

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