It is brought to the notice of the general public that, in view of increasing number of containment zones as well as COVID Patients, the Frontline Sanitary workers are also getting affected due to mixed waste being handed over by the Citizens.


As per SWM Rules, the Waste Management is everyone’s responsibility therefore, keeping in view of safety of Frontline COVID warriors & in order to promote “At Source Processing and Reuse methodology”, Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC) appeals every citizen to process wet/ organic waste at their household level by using Earth Pit with stabilizers such as earthworms/cow dung slurry, in a Pit of Size 1’(length),1’(width) & depth of 2’, this will certainly help to control spread of COVID-19 through wet waste.


PBMC is disposing the waste generated from containment zones/ Home Quarantines areas through deep burial systems under the supervision of Sanitary Inspectors with proper PPE kits as per Govt. of India protocols.


It is further requested that, before handing over dry waste to sanitary workers it shall be properly washed/sanitized.


PBMC once again appeals to the general public to kindly adhere to the SWM protocols and actively participate to contain this pandemic.




(Suneel Anchipaka, IAS)

Secretary, PBMC

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