Arsenic Album 30 Homeo Immunity Booster distributed

Port Blair, June 16:  Mr. P. Abdul Basheer and Abdul Gafoor from Nai Manzil NGO recieving Immunity booster homeo medicines for around 2000 families by Dr. Divya (homeo) CHC Bambooflat  and Dr. Rani. Nai manzil team distributing door to door immunity boosters homeo medicines during this pandemic at present 1300 immunity booster distributed. 

Today, Mr P Abdul Basheer handed over 400 immunity booster medicine to Mr M K Hussain Ex zilla parishad member Stewart gunj, Ferrargunj tehsil. 

Keeping in view the present Covid 19 pandemic situation the Nai Manzil, NGO felt need to help for strengthening the immunity power of the people of Ferrargunj Tehsil region to combat against Covid Pandemic.

At this hour of crisis of COVID-19 Pandemic, “Arsenic album 30” the Homeo Immune Booster Medicine recommended by AYUSH Ministry has become hugely popular and is now a common synonym for boosting immune power of the body. This Medicine which cost less than a rupee per dose and hugely accepted by the people has become a hope for the people to cross the difficult time of this pandemic.

Mr P. Abdul Basheer and Abdul Gafoor besides distributing medicines motivated all people to obey the COVID appropriate behavior i.e. “Do Gaz ki Doori, Mask hai Zaroori” and “Aur apne hath ko bar bar sabun aur Pani Se dhoye”. All the people were advised to properly wear mask and not to touch the face, eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands. They also advised all those who are taking Ars alb 30 to get vaccinated at the earliest and second dose as per the due dates of 12 weeks gap from 1st dose. Team Nai Manzil also urges residents to adhere to restrictions and directions of the District administration for containment of COVID-19 infection. It is also advises people to report to health authority of any symptoms of fever and Influenza like illnesses.

It was learnt that the Public of the region highly appreciated the worked of Nai Manzil. 

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