Bishnu Pada Ray demands relief for the landslide affected families and action against the negligence in earth cutting

Port Blair, Jun 01: Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray, Former Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration to provide relief to the families of Doctors Colony, Nayagaon (Ward No. 12) affected by a landslide due to negligence in earth cutting and to take appropriate action for resolving the issue.

            In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray mentioned that 18 houses in the Doctors Colony, Nayagaon (Ward No. 12) area are totally damaged due to earthwork taken up carelessly while developing the Coast Guard enclave with scant regard to the topography with the resultant damage to adjoining areas. The depth of earth cutting exceeds three to four floors of a building and that too without any protective measures.

            He alleged that the work undertaken does not qualify under ‘Earth Cutting’ but will fall within the definition of quarrying and no permission for ‘quarrying’ was taken under the A&N Islands Mines and Mineral Rules. No measures were taken prior to such major excavation to protect the area even though the area has a hilly terrain and had high chances of landslides.

            Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray mentioned that the inquiries revealed that the earth cutting had commenced in the year 2020 before the Corona outbreak when the residents of the area had taken up the issue with the concerned Defence authorities about suspicion of landslide. However, no action was taken and the work continued which endangered their life and property.

            He said that the roads laid down in the area using public funds are now damaged and there is considerable danger to the entire hillock with several houses coming down in landslide due to such negligent work by the Defence authorities.

            Therefore, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray requested the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration to temporarily accommodate the affected families in vacant government quarters and provide them with adequate compensation. Immediate action for the lapses which have created a disaster-like situation in the area and to prevent any further danger to residents.

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