Celebration of 72th Van Mahotsav by Botanical Survey of India, Andaman and Nicobar Regional Centre

Port Blair, July 09: As a part of celebration of 72th Van Mahotsav and awareness, a tree planting programme was organized by the Botanical Survey of India, Andaman and Nicobar Regional Centre, Port Blair at Dhanikhari Experimental Garden cum Arboretum, Nayasahar from 01.07.2021 to 07.07.2021. The programme was conducted by strictly following the Covid 19 protocol.

The function was inaugurated by Dr. LalJi Singh, Joint Director& Head of Office, BSI, by planting a seedling of Cycaszeylanica(J.Schust.) A.Lindstr. &K.D.Hill. In the inaugural talk, he emphasized the importance of plantssince origin of life on the earth and he also stated that it is necessary to take essential steps by all human being for conservation and regeneration of plant diversity for the existence of the life on the earth. During plantation ceremony approximately 142 numbers of seedlings of rare, threatened and endemic plants (Bentinckianicobarica (Kurz) Becc.,Cycaszeylanica(J.Schust.) A.Lindstr. & K.D.Hill, LicualapeltataRoxb.exBuch.-Ham., LicualaspinosaWurmb. andPinangaandamanensisBecc.) have been planted. ShriS. Sundararajan, Assistant Engineer, and ShriAshishSanodiya, Junior Engineer, CPWD, Port Blair, were also joined on 07.07.2021 during the program and planted seedlings of Bentinckianicobarica (Kurz) Becc., PinangaandamanensisBecc. respectively in the garden.All the staff of BSI, ANRC has actively participated in the event.

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