Elaborate arrangements to keep & treat symptomatic suspect cases and confirmed COVID-19 cases

Port Blair, Aug 09: The UT Administration of Andaman & Nicobar Islands has made elaborate arrangements to keep & treat symptomatic suspect cases and confirmed COVID-19 cases. Besides regular facilities at G B Pant Hospital and Dhanwantri Hospital, additional facilities have been created at four Government Guest Houses, ITI Campus Dollygunj, DBRAIT Campus & Pillar Hospital. A total of 386 beds have been created, which is being extended to 900 beds. These additional facilities are being provided with all basic facilities including regular sanitation & disinfection. As on date, 147 beds are occupied in the 5 COVID Care Centres.

In order to give impetus to the existing system of sanitation and hygiene, the Administration has increased the manpower for sanitation and disinfection and additional 50 persons have been recruited for this purpose. The Administration also ensures that sanitation and disinfection are carried out in all wards and corridors on daily basis simultaneously. The team of people engaged in carrying out the disinfection process are well trained.

A wide range of chemicals are being used for the disinfection process ranging  from hypochlorite solution with 1% strength being used for individual spaces and for the community spray. The floors are being mopped with hypochlorite solutions and Lysol. The furniture and the doors are being sanitized with spirit or detergent intermittently. Apart from this, the costly instruments and vehicles are being sanitized with surgical spirit and few cases with glutardehyde solution also.

The Health Department is taking utmost precautions for the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) in the health care setup including all COVID Care Centres (CCC). Due to increase in caseload, additional personnel for sanitation & disinfection have been hired. A team of workers also ensuring daily clearing of infected waste to the incinerator for treatment.

The testing teams also are well trained in terms of IPC and the sampling waste is also discarded as per the guidelines in incinerator.

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