Jal Jeevan Mission makes stride in Andamans, Provides tap water connection in North Andaman

Port Blair, Mar 31: The Directorate of RD, PRIs & ULBs has made it conceivable by providing tap water connection in the remote areas of North and Middle Andamans.

Considering the difficulties of in-adequate water supplies as well as acute water shortage that exist in North Andaman, Jal Jeevan Mission helps Smti. Parboti Bairagi, a resident under Gram Panchayat Pashimsagar, Diglipur, get an individual tap water connection at her house.

Smti. Parboti articulates that before installation of the tap water connection under Jal Jeevan Mission, it was quite difficult situation for her to maintain water supplies at her house all the time. She reiterates that during the day of routine water supply in her area, she walked half-a-kilometre to a public tap connection at late night hours and during midnight, waiting for her turn in long queues for hours, to receive water supply. She further adds that it took her two long hours and several rounds of her house and the public tap connection to finally get sufficient water supply for her daily household chores.

Despite the physical strains of lifting heavy pots of water accompanied by her husband who carried water in Sanghas, Smti. Parboti says that she could hardly manage few litres of water for her needs. However, with the tap water connection at her house, her struggle has come to an end.

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