Members of Andaman Avians Club participate in the Buxa Bird Fest 2020

Port Blair, Jan 13: Four members of the Andaman Avians Club, Dr. Parthasarathy Gopalan, Dr. Shailaja Parthasarathy, Mr.Arun Singh and Mr. Gana Sounder participated in the 4th Buxa Bird Fest 2020. The Buxa Bird Fest is a yearly program organised by the West Bengal Forest Department organised in the Buxa Tiger Reseve, Northern West Bengal between 6th January to 9th January. The reserve is home to more than 500 recorded species of Avifauna. This year the event was organised in the Rajabhatkhawa of BTR.

During the 4 day event, the club members recorded more than 150 species out of the total of 220 species recorded during the event including the Great Hornbill and the rare Sultan Tit. AAC members also had an informative discussion with the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). The club members look forward to participate in more such events and spreading awareness about environmental issues through sustained outreach programs and awareness drives.

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