MP demands Additional sorties of helicopters to Nicobar Group of Islands and induction of bigger helicopter for Islands

Highlighting  a prominent issue of Nicobar District that the present schedule of helicopters for various Islands of Nicobar District is not enough to cater to the growing demand of passengers, the Member of Parliament of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma today requested the Lt. Governor to schedule additional sorties of the helicopter to remote Islands of Nicobar District on an ‘as and when required basis’, especially whenever there is a heavy demand for Helicopter tickets from any Island, reported by respective Assistant Commissioners.

In his letter to the Lt. Governor, Mr. Sharma pointed out that for passengers, who are willing to travel by helicopter, in the case of emergency and other urgent needs, sometimes the waiting period for Helicopter Ticket, is for several days

He mentioned in his letter that additional sorties will not only reduce the pain of the public, waiting for transportation from remote Islands but also clear the backlog of passengers waiting on various Islands.

He also requested the Lt. Governor to take initiative to bring one bigger Helicopter for Andaman Nicobar Island so that the bigger helicopter can be operated in Nicobar Districts, which are very remote and remain inaccessible, most of the time.

Pawan Hans already had operated MI 172 helicopters, with nearly 20 seats, in the Arunachal Pradesh region, he mentioned.

The Member of Parliament suggested that the bigger helicopter can also be used for ferrying Tourists to Havelock Island on daily basis, which will also generate revenue for the Government.

He pointed out that if adequate sorties of Helicopters are operated then most of the problems of people, living in remote Islands will be sorted out automatically. He added that more Helicopter sorties will be a morale booster for the government servants, who have been posted in the remotest corner of Nicobar district, to serve Islanders. 

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