Mr. V K Abdul Aziz requests APWD to solve water crisis of Kadakachang region

Port Blair, Sept 29: On receiving the complaint from the villagers of Kadakachang that they are facing acute water crisis. Mr. V.K.Abdul Aziz, social worker, Brindaban immediately rushed at the site and tried to know their grievances at the ground level and found that water pipe line busted leading to heavy wastage of water.

After getting the detail facts Mr. V K Abdul Aziz immediately contacted to Mr. Saha Devan, Junior Engineer and briefed about the grievances of the people of the area.

The Junior Engineer immediately inspected the area along with Mr. V K Abdul Aziz. The villagers said that earlier they had informed many persons to solve their problems but nothing happened. Mr. V K Abdul Aziz expressing gratitude to Mr. Saha Devan, Junior Engineer as the JE assured to solve the problem on top priority basis.

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