Relief to Bazaar Coolies and Roadside vendors

Port Blair, June 17: Mr. A.R.Marudhavaanan, the State President of DMK, A & N Islands has highlighted the issues of Bazaar Coolies and Roadside vendors.

In a letter addressed to the Lt. Governor, Mr. A R Marudhavaanan, stated that the Central Government’s scheme of relief to BPL and AAY families is being implemented perfectly well through the PDS. Moreover Good Samaritans like the Tsg Trust, Acci and other social organisations are doing their best in this regard.

“80% of the Bazar coolies and the roadside vendors don’t come under the Bpl and AAY categories. It is our request that these Vulnerable sections may be helped with ration items by the State Govt. The ACCI and Grain Dealers associations could play a roll in identifying the needy and distributing items provided by the State Administration,” Mr. A.R. Marudhavaanan added.

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