Sanitization to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 by PBMC

Port Blair, Aug 07: Continuing its efforts PBMC has deployed dedicated teams at various parts of the city to contain the spread of Pandemic. The PBMC adopts all measures to check the cleanliness like sanitizing the Containment areas, Quarantine Homes/Institutions and Vulnerable areas. These are apart from the routines in which team reaches out to every nook and corner of the city, clean up the garbage, sanitize the area. To brake the chain to spread of COVID-19, a strict enforcement is also being done by dedicated PBMC field teams by imposing penalty for not Wearing Mask, No Social Distancing and Littering in public places.

People are urged to adhere to the advisories of Administration and cooperate with PBMC to keep the city clean and hygienic which is the basic step to fight the Pandemic.

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