Self Sufficient Women for Sustainable livelihood; DAY-NRLM under RD Dept. harnesses success

Port Blair, Apr 06: Yet once again the Rural SHG women under DAY-NRLM has grabbed the benefits from the Scheme and made themselves self-employed just by serving Fruit Platter to the tourists. Smti. Baby Mondal and Smti. Aroti Mondal residents of Shyam Nagar, Swaraj Dweep have proven that how simple ideas can also be twisted and self-employment can be generated in the form of a presentation of innovative platter of fruits to relish the food mongers.

Both are beneficiaries of the DAY-NRLM scheme attached to Tithi SHG and had availed a loan from their SHG to set up a fruit stall at Radhanagar beach. The stall set up by them are attracting the tourists visiting Radhanagar Beach by selling fruits platter from locally grown fruits of Andaman and eventually started earning Rs.600-700 every day.

When asked about the current situation they replied “At present, we are happily running our business because the situation is now back to normal and tourism have again started to pick up. We are grateful to NRLM that we have been facilitated through Community Investment Funds (CIF) and an internal loan from SHG as per our requirement they elaborated”. They both are planning to avail assistance from NRLM for expanding their business by opening Fruit Shop on a large scale. The DAY-NRLM has once again helped to convert rural women to successful Businesswomen.

The Secretary (RD), Shri Suneel Anchipaka reiterated that the mission aims at creating efficient and effective institutional platforms to the rural poor, enabling them to increase their income through sustainable livelihood methods and improved access to institutional financial services. He further appealed to the general public to avail the benefits under Govt. of India’s Rural Development Schemes as it aspires that the rural households would be facilitated to achieve increased access to entitlements and public services. DAY-NRLM believes in harnessing the innate capabilities of the rural folks and compliments them with capacities to participate in the growing economy of the country.

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