Sell essential drugs and equipments related to Coronavirus on lowest price; ACCI

Port Blair, August 16: Mr. Surendra Prahladika, the President, Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged the Pharma Shop owners of the Islands to sell the medicines, masks, hand gloves, sanitizers, oximeters, and other necessary things to the customers at the lowest possible price as part of a moral responsibility in the fight against the COVID19 virus.


“It is the moral responsibility of all to support each other in this situation, he urged all to stay home and stay home,” Mr. Prahladika urged the islanders in an interview to RNU, Port Blair.


It was Dr. Jijith Rekh, the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janta Party, Andaman, and Nicobar Unit who first highlighted the issue in his tweet that some pharmaceutical shop owners are charging exorbitant rates from people purchasing oximeters.


Talking to Andaman Sheekha, Mr. Rekh said that the oximeter that he purchased online cost him Rs. 890 and the same oximeter purchased by one of his friends from a local Pharmacy here in these Islands, cost Rs. 3200.


“I am not asking the Pharma Shop owners to do any kind of charity, at the same time they must not loot public as well, at this time of the pandemic, oximeters are very necessary and if everyone supports one another, we can overcome the situation,” said Dr. Rekh.

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