Social works by Mr. Muthuswamy

Port Blair, September 14: Although the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic has created a distance in our social life and conducts, yet the pandemic is not been able to create distance in the benign nature of the human.

Mr.Muthuswamy, the founder of ‘Muthu’s team@social work’, a  renowned social worker, pharmacist and the founder of A&N Pharmacist Association, has took his initiation with his team to sanitise  the areas of Haddo (ward no. 1& 2), including the  residential areas.

The team also contributed their efforts at Chatham Police Station, Vansadan office, post office, banks, churches, temples, mosques, seashore area along with the public foot path, mechanic garages, workshops, Exotic Blue water delivery office, PHC Haddo.

The team made sure that they could sanitize many auto-rickshaws and busses as well. The wine shops of ANIDCO, cooperative society(CCS)and many other places were also there in the list.

Muthu’s team@social work dedicated this noble work to all the teachers of our islands who are continuously giving their efforts and time to teach the students to build their successful career.

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