South Andaman Police Making efforts to Curb down Rumours

Port Blair, Jan 13: In recent days, rumours are spreading in many villages of South Andaman that mysterious masked men are lifting children from the village areas, which caused panic situation among the villagers of remote areas. However, no such specific report of any mysterious masked men or child lifter has been reported by any individual person in any of the Police Stations under South Andaman District.

In order to come closer to the public, public level meetings at community halls as well as in various public places are being organised at the level of SHOs, SDPOs & SPs. Nukkad Nataks are also being played at various public places to curb the rumours and instill the confidence among the public.

Night watch group consisting of local village youths and policemen are being formed to patrol in night hours. In all the meetings, Nukkad Nataks and patrolling, the police is requesting the public again and again to call 100, 112, local beat officers, SHOs, SDPOs or SPs to communicate if anything found suspicious and not to take law into their hands.

The general public are further requested to immediately make a call on the above numbers if anything found suspicious to police to avoid any eventuality.

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