Steps taken by SA District Administration to streamline the functioning of COVID Management at GB Pant Hospital

Port Blair, Sept 06: In pursuance of order of the A & N Administration designating the ADM(SA) as Nodal Officer to oversee the functioning of COVID Management at GB Pant Hospital. The District administration South Andaman has taken a plethora of steps to streamline the functioning of COVID Management at GB Pant Hospital. Having consulted various stakeholders in the process and taking into consideration the difficulties faced by the patients as observed during multiple visits to the hospital as well as taking feedback from all concerned, umpteen number of measures and steps have been put in to place to ensure that the patients admitting to the hospital get a reasonably high standard of treatment. As an immediate measure, the following steps have been taken in this regard.

  1. Police deployed at GB Pant COVID centre along with Parakram to stop unauthorised/ illegal access
  2. Roster for doctor/ paramedical staff/ sanitary staff prepared along with reserved / link In-charge
  3. 06 dedicated ambulances placed round the clock at GB Pant COVID centre.
  4. Exclusive teams made for bed sheet/ pillow changing, sanitation of COVID ward, washroom and hospital area.
  5. Daily chart made and put up outside the washroom for cleaning staff.
  6. Complete cordon off the area designated as COVID Management centre at GB Pant.
  7. Calling bells has been placed in wards of COVID positive patients.
  8. Continuous photographical update received of the cleanliness in wards/ washroom and food distribution etc. with feedback loop.
  9. Timing along with menu of diet has been prepared and duly followed and arrangement for the same has been monitoring continuously
  10. Duty roster for helpline 102 prepared.
  11. Provided 50 jugs for distribution of tea/ milk for COVID patients twice a day.
  12. Temperate screening along with roster of screening staff for all incoming patients/staff/doctors etc. at OPD and COVID ward of G.B. Pant Hospital setup.
  13. 4 trolley type dustbins and 20 static dustbins has been installed for proper disposal of medical and bio-medical waste along with dedicated staff for waste segregation and scientific disposal placed on duty.
  14. Setting up of testing facility for incoming patients with co-morbidities in G.B. Pant OPD ward starts.
  15. In and Out register with monitoring of all staff/doctors/patients etc. entering and exiting the COVID ward of G.B. Pant hospital has been setup.
  16. A dedicated room for ambulance driver is setup.
  17. A special ward along with signages for suspected COVID patient has also been setup within COVID management centre.
  18. Regular inspection by officers of District Administration is being done to ensure proper management of COVID Centre in G.B. Pant Hospital.
  19. 2 tons of bio-medical waste has been disposed of in a scientific manner.
  20. Installed proper signages across the COVID ward to facilitate the patients/staff.
  21. Mandatory Temperature screening of all incoming patients/staff/doctors etc. at OPD and COVID ward of G.B. Pant Hospital is being ensured.
  22. District Administration has been continuously in touch with COVID-19 patients/ patient relatives to resolve any issues in a time bond manner.

Needless to mention that these steps are primarily taken to keep the patients at ease coupled with providing a congenial environment for proper treatment. However, they are not final in itself. There’s adequate scope to further improve the services. If, any member of the family of the patient or any member of general public intending to avail the service of hospital encounter any problem, they are advised to immediately contact 1070/ 238881 which is functional 24×7. The District administration, SA   shall make all possible endeavour to ensure hassle free treatment at GBPH, COVID wards.

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