50th World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Port Blair, May 10: This year, the 50th anniversary of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day will be celebrated which has been observed annually since 1969. The Day marks the founding of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on 17 May 1865 when the first International Telegraph Convention was signed in Paris.

Setting standards is a fundamental pillar of ITU’s mission as the specialized agency of the United Nations for information and communication technologies (ICTs).

To connect to the internet, to enjoy a sports event on TV, to listen to radio in a car or watch a video on smart phone, standards formulated by ITU are essential.

The upcoming 5G standards, especially if coupled with artificial intelligence, will support a new range of applications which will soon be taken for granted: from self-driving cars to safer and smart cities.

ITU standards ensure interoperability, open up global markets and spur innovation and growth. They are good for developed and developing countries.

ITU standards help accelerate ICTs for all Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2019 theme will allow ITU Membership and other key stakeholders to focus on the opportunities for:

  • Participation of developing countries in ITU’s standards-making process;
  • empowering local experts in the standardization process at the national, regional and international levels; and
  • promoting the implementation of international standards in developing countries.


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