A Life Skill Education Awareness Programme at Love Children Home Organized by State Child Protection Society

Port Blair, May 08: State Child Protection Society (SCPS) under Directorate of Social Welfare Hosts Enlightening Program on Dehydration, Child Rights, and Life Skills Education, Health, Sanitation & Personal Hygiene at Love Children Home (Child Care Institution).

Love Children Home resonated with enthusiasm and enlightenment as a special program, organized by the SCPS, unfolded to empower children with essential knowledge on dehydration, child rights, and life skills education. The event, led by Mrs. Rehaneth Begum, Program Manager (SCPS) aimed to equip children with the necessary tools to navigate life confidently and responsibly.

Furthermore, amidst the enlightening discussions, the pressing issue of dehydration during hot weather conditions was addressed. Children were educated on the importance of staying hydrated and were provided guidance on:

  • What activities to engage in during hot weather.
  • Recommendations on how much water to consume to stay adequately hydrated.
  • Life Skill Education.
  • Child Rights & Responsibilities.
  • Health, Sanitation & Personal Hygiene.

Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Social Welfare), emphasized the significance of Hydration, health, sanitation & personal hygiene through which inmates of Love Children Home can achieve personal well-being, develop themselves into active and responsible citizens to face life’s challenges with confidence.

Mrs. Rehaneth Begum, Program Manager (SCPS) highlighted the importance of Life skill Education, Child Rights & Responsibilities to the children’s of CCI. The discussions on the fundamental rights of children, their basic entitlements and emphasizing the significance of leading a skilled life. Children were engaged in interactive sessions, where they learned about their rights and explored ways to cultivate life skills for a prosperous future.

Speaking on behalf of the CCI home, In-charge of Love Children Home extended gratitude to the State Child Protection Society under the Directorate of Social Welfare for their continuous support towards empowering children and fostering their well-being.

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