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Public Advisory Regarding Fake Delivery Parcel Scam to Get OTPs From Targeted Victims

Port Blair, May 12: As people become more aware about the methods used by cybercriminals, they are getting creative, developing new methods for fraud. Cybercriminals are perpetrating a new scam targeting many people to get OTPs (One Time Passwords) for making fraudulent bank transactions and getting access to the victims’ email addresses/ smart phones by manipulating them with Fake Delivery Parcel Scam. These scams are often carried out by people who work closely with delivery agents or delivery agencies. When they find out that a particular person receives a lot of packages from various e-commerce companies, then they plan to target him.

In this regard, Andaman and Nicobar Police issues the following advisory to safeguard yourself:  

Confirm your order history and the potential delivery dates before accepting / cancelling any package.

Avoid clicking on any link received in an SMS when dealing with such package deliveries.

Scrutinize all the URLs (links) before opening and filling in any information/OTP.

Avoid sharing your personal details such as address, email id, phone number, etc. if not required.

Avoid clicking on a link or calling back the number from an unexpected delivery notice via a SMS or email.

            For assistance, information or enquiries, please contact: Cyber Crime Police Station, A&N Islands, over National helpline No.1930 and A&N Police Cyber Helpline No. 9531856083 or visit

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