Andaman and Nicobar Police Launches Innovative Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign with LPG Cylinder Stickers

Port Blair, Apr 09: In an innovative endeavour aimed at raising awareness regarding the perils of drug abuse, anti-drug awareness stickers were affixed on LPG cylinders distributed within the community. Spearheaded by the Anti-Narcotics Police Station, this initiative seeks to engage a broad audience and impart vital knowledge about the adverse consequences of substance misuse.

The prominently displayed anti-drug awareness stickers on LPG cylinders serve as continual reminders to households and individuals, emphasizing the imperative of maintaining a drug-free lifestyle. Additionally, they provide contact information for reporting concerns or seeking assistance related to drug abuse. By harnessing the ubiquitous presence of this everyday household item, the initiative endeavours to effectively reach a sizable portion of the population and foster enduring awareness about the issue.

The general public is requested to inform about any credible information pertaining to the sale or possession of contrabands or any other illegal activity on the following telephone Numbers-100/112, 9531856080 and 9434299028. The identity of the informer will be kept secret and he/she shall be suitably rewarded.

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