Capture and safe release of salt water crocodile by Joint patrolling team of Tushnabad Range

Port Blair,, Sept 13: The Joint Patrolling Team(JPT) of Tushnabad Range consisting of Mr. Jainal Abdin, Forest Ranger, Mr. Mohd. Shabir, Forester, Mr. Simon, Forester, Mr. Mohd. Haneefa, Forest Guard and the Mazdoors Mr. Eliza, Mr. Mohd. Yunus, Mr. S.Ramesh, Mr. Sajeeb Mon, Mr. Hassainar and Mr. Sunil Majhi had been intensively patrolling the Kurmadera Nallah since 04.09.2019 where a crocodile was sighted by the villagers of Collinpur village. The salt water crocodile sighted was adjacent to paddy fields of many villagers and close to human habitation. Immediately the Joint Patrolling Team was mobilised and based on the movement of the crocodile, the entire area of Kurmadera nallah was kept under strict surveillance. Due to incessant rain and flooding in the area, the crocodile was found shifting its location frequently and its movement was monitored continuously.

Considering the threat posed to the villagers, the salt water crocodile measuring 2.5 mtr. length was captured successfully on 12.09.2019 and the Joint Patrolling Team(JPT) safely shifted it to Biological Park, Chidiyatapu as per the direction of Divisional Forest Officer, South Andaman for its further care. The villagers of Collinpur village and PRI members thanked the Forest officials for their dedicated effort taken in successfully capturing and shifting of the Salt Water Crocodile from the area of human habitation.

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