Car Nicobar to get FM Service; 03 private FM Radio channels proposed for Andaman

Port Blair, Oct 05: Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray, the M.P. vide his letter dated 23.03.2018 had requested the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for enhancement of the services of FM Radio in Nicobar District, as the services of FM Radio broadcasting particularly in far flung areas is very essential means of information and entertainment.
In pursuant to his demand, Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore, the Minister of State for Youth & Affairs and also Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting vide his letter dated 26.09.2018 has conveyed the inputs of the “Prasar Bharthi” the scheme for setting up of a 100W FM relay transmitter co-located/co-sited with the existing Doordarshan’s LPVT setup at Car Nicobar has been approved by this Ministry.
This set up would provide FM services to the entire Car Nicobar region which spans about 11 kilometer East to west and about 14 kilometer North to South. The setup is likely to be operated by end of this year. As far as private FM is concerned, three private FM Radio channels have been proposed in Port Blair, A & N Islands under the FM Radio Phase-III scheme, which are likely to be put to auction in the subsequent bathes of phase-III auction (Un-Quote).
With this incredible initiative of the Ministry for enhancing the services of F.M .Radio in Car Nicobar (Tribal area), Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray, M.P expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Col .Rajyavardhan Rathore, the Minister of State for Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

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