Coast Guard Conducts Tsunami Mock Exercise – Iowave 18 On 05 Sep 18 In Andaman And Nicobar Region

Port Blair, Sept 07: The Tsunami Mock Exercise IOWave 18 was conducted with all shore and afloat units of Indian Coast Guard (A&N) on 05 Sep 18. In India this Exercise was steered and co-ordinated by INCOIS.
The Exercise simulated a scenario of magnitude 9.3 earthquake Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The Exercise commenced at 0830 hours IST on 05 Sep 18 and ran for 12 hours duration from its commencement.
The Exercise evolutions included mobilization of ships and aircraft of all units in A&N region to validate reporting procedures, testing of distress communication links and deployment of Air Assets for real time reporting of situation. As a part of the exercise Relief Camps (HADR Tent) were setup where families were gathered and briefed.
The Exercise was aimed to familiarize with Tsunami Bulletins and be better prepared during actual operations.

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