Diglipur Police Seizes Venison

Diglipur, Mar 28: On 26.03.2019 Inspector Sahil Shamsuddin, SHO PS Diglipur engaged in anti-poaching operation at Karen Nallah, Diglipur noticed a private motor dinghy speeding away in suspicious manner. He immediately passed the information to PS Diglipur in which a police team headed by SI V.K. Maurya along with HC/19 Ramesh Kishen, HC/044 Boby Jacob, PC/1244 Dinesh Jaiswal, Ct/347 A. Shekhar, Ct/610 Boby William immediately swung into action. The team left from Radha Nagar area towards Karen Nallah. Daring high sea and rough weather the teams led by SI VK Maurya and Inspr. Sahil Shamsuddin rounded the said dinghy and intercepted the boat bearing registration IND AN MN No. 102 carrying two suspicious heavy boxes The dinghy was thoroughly checked and two ice boxes filled with venison weighing around 200 Kgs were recovered. The venison was seized on the spot under relevant section of Wild Life Act 1972. During the interrogation the three suspected persons disclosed their name and addresses as (1) Sonu, S/o Mr. Gopi (29yrs), Fisherman, R/o Webi, Mayabunder. (2) Saw Shatwa, S/o Late Aungtobue (31yrs), Fisherman, R/o Webi, Mayabunder (3) Saw Juda, S/o Late Aungtobue (25yrs) and further stated that they camped at Karen Nallah and laid traps in the forest to capture the deer and they have caught almost 09 Deers and they packed the venison in the ice boxes.

After observing all codal formalities the seized properties and detained persons were then handed over to forest officials for further course of action. The whole operation was conducted under the close supervision of Mr. Sukant S Ballabh, SDPO Diglipur.

It is requested to the general public that any information related to any crime or illegal activities may please be intimated to the following phone numbers SDPO Diglipur (03192-272243), SDPO (Rangat) (03192-274646) or in any nearest Police Station or to the Police Control Room (100), said superintendent of police, N&M Andaman District.


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