Disaster Management Mock Drill at GSSS Oralkatcha

Port Blair, Apr 28: As per the message received from State Operation Center at 07.30 am and 08.10 am, a mock drill was conducted to evaluate the disaster preparedness of GSSS Oralkatcha on 25.4.2019.

It was a surprise drill to ascertain the reaction time of students and teachers in the response to the disaster and also to evaluate the effectiveness of disaster management of the school.

At 08.10 aM on 26.4.2019 an alarm was raised about an earthquake of high intensity (9 in Richter scale) and probability of Tsunami to follow.

As per the disaster management plan the designated team of teachers took their positions and instructed the students to “drop, cover and hold” and go under the tables and desks until the shaking stops.

Thereafter the students were directed to follow the evacuation route prescribed on the walls and assemble in the play field in a calm and orderly manner.

The rescue team was present in the action to rescue some students who were stuck in the different corner pf the school. Once they were carried to safe zone the first aid team gave the necessary first aid.

In the meantime the students who had already assemble in the safe area were escorted to elevated location in adjoining area of the school to escape the tidal wave that could follow the earthquake.

As per the disaster management scheme almost every child grabbed their water bottles and lunch boxes before abandoning their classroom.

In the meantime the injured students were taken to PHC for further treatment.

The principal who headed the entire rescue operation directed the class teachers for a head count to ensure the complete evacuation of the students present on the day. The total on roll of students on the day was 350 numbers.

She further contacted the members of SMC and panchayat members to inform the villagers about the evacuation and present location of the students. The whole mock drill was a great success, as the entire evacuation was completed within 15 minutes of the warning signal.

The principal congratulated tie Disaster Management team for their quick response to disaster warning and effective execution of disaster management plan.

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