Fisherman Watch Group Meetings across Nicobar District

Port Blair, Mar 01: Nicobar District in its bid to strengthen coastal security and tap the intelligence gathered by Fishermen, who act as the extended arms, eyes and ears of the police in the deep seas, Fishermen Watch Group Meetings were convened by the all Police Stations of the Nicobar District on 27th and 28th of February 2019.

The following points were discussed. The Fishermen were advised to be more cautious and vigilant especially in view of the heightened tensions at the borders while venturing into the seas, passing on credible information on any suspicious activity or sighting of foreign poachers into the territorial waters and to carry their Identity cards/License and other relevant documents pertaining to their dinghies whenever they venture into the deep seas. They were also requested to cooperate with Police and other forces during checking. They were also alerted about the prospect of intruders asking for their boats on lease and that they should verify their credentials and in case of suspicion, immediately inform the same to Police/local bodies. The participants were also apprised of the fact that they should refrain from sailing deep into the seas whenever a warning is issued for inclement climate or cyclonic weather. They have been advised to listen to AIR/DD news on weather forecast to make them more informed. Lastly they were asked if they had any suggestions to make in enhancing the cooperation with Police for which they expressed their contentment, as said in a press release by Rajeev Kumar, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Nicobar District.



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