Health Advisory to Officials on Election Duty

Port Blair, Apr 12: In compliance with the directions issued by the Chief Electoral Officer, A&N Islands Parliamentary Constituency during the meeting held on 1st  April, 2024 and communicated in the minutes of the meeting vide F.No.PA/ERO/MTNGS/GE/2024/003 dated 02nd  April 2024, the following health advisory has been issued for officials on election duty.

  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated (03 Litres per day)
  • Take your regular medicines for hypertension, diabetes or any chronic illness as prescribed by your doctor on time.
  • In case you are diabetic, carry sweet items/toffees with you for ready use in case you develop Hypoglycemia (Low Sugar Levels)
  • The symptoms of Low Sugar Levels include irritability, confusion, sweating, feeling dizzy, fast heartbeat, blurring of vision, headache and seizures.
  • Glucose powder is also supplied in the first aid kit provided to your Polling Station. You can have 3 teaspoons of glucose powder in the event of low sugar levels.
  • In case you develop any unusual symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, giddiness, sweating, numbness or weakness especially on one side of the body or difficulty in speaking, please contact your doctor immediately. The contact details of the doctors are available with the Sector Magistrate.
  • Heat stroke may result from physical overexertion in hot climatic conditions. The symptoms include excessive sweating, hot skin, confusion, dizziness, balance problems, fast heart rate and weakness.
  • In case of such symptoms, take ORS solutions, sponge the person with cool water and contact your doctor immediately.
  • In case of minor injuries, antiseptic solutions and dressing materials are provided in the first aid kit.
  • In case of loose stools or vomiting, take the ORS solution provided in the first aid kit and contact your doctor immediately.
  • In case of any other emergency, call the doctor assigned or the Call Centre no. 102 for assistance.
  • Don’t panic. In an emergency take a moment to think before you act.

Panicking will only make the situation worse. Stay calm and focus on what you need to do, a press release from DHS said.

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