KVK North and Middle Andaman organising training and awareness programme at Kamalapur

Port Blair, July 28: ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra (CIARI), North & Middle Andaman organised three days training programme on “Pig farming for income generation and sustainable livelihood” w.e.f 25 and July 2019 to 27 th July 2019 at Kamalapur, Gram Panchayat Harinagar. The programme was inaugurated in the presence of Dr B. L. Kasinath, Senior Scientist and Head/ Course Director, KVK, N & M Andaman; Dr Shardul Vikram Lal, SMS (Animal Science)/ Course Co-ordinator, KVK, Nimbudera, and other KVK, officials. Speaking on the occasion, Dr B. L. Kasinath highlighted the merits of pig farming and nutritional value of pig meat. He also emphasised the need for water conservation and explained the significance of water conservation, methods of water harvesting and conservation under island condition, and its usage during the dry period. On the occasion, Dr Shardul Vikram Lal briefed the course content of three days training programme. He advised the farmers to adopt scientific pig farming practices for good growth, efficient reproduction, and maximum profit. During the three days training programme, the methods for selection and breeding of pigs, housing management, feed management, and disease management were discussed in detail with the farmers. The method for clean pork production was also discussed with the farmers. A film show on “Scientific Pig Farming” and “Success Story of A Pig Farmers” was also shown to farmers by Mr Ravish Kataria. In the concluding session, Mr Tanmai Paul, Farm Manager, KVK, Nimbudera also delivered a talk on the need for soil conservation and method for soil conservation. A total of twenty-five participants including sixteen women were benefitted from this programme. The programme was conducted under the supervision and guidance of Dr B. L. Kasinath, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, Nimbudera, and Dr A. Kundu, Director, CIARI.


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