Meeting with light and sound dealers to tackle noise pollution and traffic congestion during upcoming wedding season

Port Blair, May 03: In a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of noise pollution& traffic congestion arising due to upcoming marriage season, a pivotal meeting was convened on 03/05/2024 with leading light and sound dealers. Hosted under the chairmanship of Mr. Ajay Kumar Rai, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Traffic, DANIPS and attended by the Station House Officer of PS Aberdeen, the session aimed to foster collaboration and outline crucial guidelines to minimize noise disturbance & traffic congestion during wedding ceremonies and processions.

Recognizing the adverse effects of excessive noise on public health and community well-being, attendees deliberated on practical measures to curtail noise levels while ensuring the smooth conduct of marriage functions.

Key directives issued during the meeting include:

  1. Limiting Music Radius & Volume: It was emphasized that music should be confined within a radius of 100 meters from the Marriage Hall & Home of Groom to prevent undue disturbance. Also directed to limit the volume of speakers as per prescribed decibel level.
  2. Ensuring Traffic Flow: Acknowledging the potential disruption caused by wedding processions, participants directed to prioritize the unhindered flow of vehicular traffic on roads and to uphold road safety standards for the benefit of all road users.
  3. Reducing the intensity of Focus Lights and Dazzling Light: They were also directed to reduce the intensity of focus lights and advised to avoid dazzling during the marriage processions.

General public is advised to make sure traffic is not restricted during marriage processions. General public is also encouraged to report such marriage processions causing traffic congestion & noise violation in addition to traffic violations such as riding without helmet Using mobile phone while driving, use of multi tone horn, excess smoke emission, illegal/obstructive parking, retrofitted/modified silencers, rash & negligent driving & triple riding etc. by sending clear photograph/short videos of violation containing clear registration no. of vehicle with date, time and place of offence on the official Whatsapp No. 9531892228 or to inform on the Traffic Control Room Number 03192-243812 for prompt action against the violators.

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