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This year, 1st of December will mark the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. The day provides an opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV, show our support for people living with HIV and commemorate people who have lost their life with HIV affliction.
Significant progress has been made in the AIDS response, but still stigma and discrimination remain a reality for many living with this condition, which deter people from taking an HIV test. However, now ‘test and treat’ is the policy of the Government to deal with HIV menace. This has facilitated effective treatment with Anti Retroviral Drugs (ARD) which increases the longevity of people infected with the HIV virus.
I call upon all members of civil society to join together in raising awareness about the importance of knowing one’s status and calling for the removal of all barriers through innovative approaches and providing new opportunities to expand access to HIV testing.
(Admiral D K Joshi)
Lieutenant Governor
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Vice-Chairman, Islands Development Agency

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