MP requested LG to explore feasibility for operation of MV Campbell Bay Ship by using Heavy oil instead of HSD oil

Port Blair, July 04: Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Lt. Governor, A&N Islands to explore feasibility for operation of MV Campbell Bay ship by using Heavy Oil in lieu of HSD since these vessel is a boiler based vessel which can run on using Heavy Oil and if Heavy Oil is used for operation of this vessel, around Rs.15 crores per annum (approximately) would be saved, so as to utilise the saving amount for other developmental works of these islands.

Mr. Sharma, Member of Parliament, in his letter has stated that present cost of Heavy Oil is Rs.24/- per litter while the cost of  HSD is Rs.62/- per Ltr and the mainland bound passenger vessels of A&N Administration viz. MV Nicobar, MV Nancowry, MV Swaraj Dweep etc are being operated on Heavy Oil only.   As such, if MV Campbell Bay ship is made to perform two voyage of Chennai from Port Blair every month for an operational period of ten months in a year (20 trips) on fuel, there would be saving of Rs.15 crores per annum if Heave Oil is used in lieu of HSD now being used for this vessel.

The Member of Parliament in his letter has highlighted by giving slight example that Rs.1.55 Cr (@Rs.64/- per ltr) would be required per mainland voyages towards the cost of 250 KL HSD and if Heave Oil 250 KL is used, only Rs.48 lakhs (@Rs.24/- per Ltf) is required per mainland voyage for MV Campbell Bay ship.  Under these circumstances, Mr. Sharma, MP has requested the Lt. Governor to look into the matter for feasibility for use of Heavy Oil in lieu of HSD.

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