Pradhan Chouldari demands road signs and speed limit boards along upgraded ATR

Sheekha Bureau
Port Blair, Dec 27: The Pradhan of Chouldari village, Mr. Mohan Halder has requested the NHIDCL to installat road signs and speed limit boards along the upgraded Andaman Trunk Road to minimize road accidents.
Talking to Andaman Sheekha the Pradhan of Chouldari Village, Mr. Halder said that he had written a letter on this subject in the month of October 2018 but in reply he was informed that as the ATR up-gradation works are not yet over the road signs and speed limit boards will not be installed now.
Sadly since October, A & N Islands witnessed two major accidents near Chouldari on the upgraded stretch of road, due to over-speed.
“It doesn’t matter if the works are not over, the ATR is open and vehicles are allowed to ply. As no one knows the speed limits, people are driving vehicles very fast on these new road stretches, which is leading to road accidents,” Mr. Halder said.
Although NHIDCL is clearly not in the mood to install any warning sign boards on ATR now and this also true that signboard can’t actually prevent people from driving vehicles fast but such sign boards can atleast bring some awareness on road and ultimately might save a few lives.
Road signs and speed limit boards are also good tool for information of road users and can actually reduce number of accidents. “If ATR is open they it must have road signs and speed limit boards,” Mr. Halder said

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