Quinquennial Review Team (QRT) Visits Experimental Farm and Technological Demonstrations at MGMG Villages of ICAR-CIARI

Port Blair, Dec 03: A field visit was made on 28th November, 2018 by the QRT Chairman, Dr. C. Kole and the Members, Dr. V.V. Sadamathe, Dr. S.N. Randhwa, Dr. H.K. Senapathi, Dr. Ponniah A.G. and Dr. A. Kundu, Director, CIARI along with all HoDs, Dr. B. Gangaiah, Dr. A. Jerard, Dr. S. Dam Roy and Dr. P.K. Singh to see the technological demonstrations at Bloomsdale Farm, World Coconut Germplasm Centre, KVK and Farmers field at Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav (MGMG) villages of South Andaman viz., Port Mout , Ograbraj, Lal Pahad , Kirkabad adopted by the Scientists of CIARI & KVK.
The team visited fish and prawn farms of Mr. Swaran Singh at Port Mout supported by KVK, South Andaman under NICRA, BBFS established in the field of Mr. Abdul Kadar & Malabar Co-operative Coconut Farming Society at Ograbarj under Institute NICRA, IFS model of Mr. Ashok Kumar Roy at Gopal Nagar supported by KVK, South Andaman, Rice field under STRASA for evaluation and selection of promising varieties for challenged situations involving farmers, Scientists and extension functionaries, BBFS of Mr. Sudhir Dutta at Kirkabad under NABARD funded EOPTI project and Mr. Joydhar field established under newly extended NICRA project of KVK at Kirkabad. The technology translated at farmers field was very much appreciated by the visiting QRT team and gave suggestion for further up-scaling for the benefit of the farmers and other stakeholders.
On-going research programmes in the Bloomsdale Farm, World Coconut Germplasm Centre at Sippighat farm and KVK were informed to the dignitaries by the respective Scientists of CIARI & KVK.
Dr. S.K.Zamir Ahmed, Dr. Nagesh Ram, Dr. Jai Sunder, Dr. A. Velmurugan, Dr. Jayakumar Varadana, Dr. P. A. Bala, Dr. L.B.Singh, Dr. N.C. Choudhuri, Er. B.K. Nanda, Ms. Hari Priya Nayak along with Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya, Member-secretary, QRT coordinated the field visit.

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