Removal of RAP has no link with John Allen Chau’s Misadventure to North Sentinel Island

Sheekha Bureau
Port Blair, Nov 29: An in-depth report published by “Washington Post” on the issue to American National John Allen Chau’s reported killing in North Sentinel Island has brought out some unknown fact infront of the world. The report suggests that John Allen Chau have been planning this trip since years while RAP was removed from North Sentinel Island only in June this year.
According to the report in 2016 Chau joined forces with All Nations, a missionary group based in Kansas City, Missouri, that sends Christian missionaries to 40 countries. The group provided him training and support, according to Mary Ho, its international executive leader.
“You could see that every decision he has made, every step he has taken since then was driven by his desire to be among the North Sentinelese people,” Ho reportedly told Washington Post. He planned to live there for years and hoped to learn their language.
Ho told Washington Post that the group was aware that Chau had traveled to India as a tourist, without the proper missionary visa, because missionary visas “aren’t easy to come by.” Ho insisted that Chau had not violated any laws, though authorities in India said he clearly did, reports Washington Post.
Moreover, In the 13 pages of notes left behind by John Allen Chau, it is again clear that he was aware of the dangers of not just being killed by the Sentinelese but also of being caught by the Indian authorities for venturing into the restricted area without permission. “God sheltered me and camouflaged me against the Coast Guard and the Navy,” he wrote.
The world media has targeted Andaman and held “Removal of RAP” responsible for the death of John Allen Chau following which the Andaman and Nicobar Administration also had to release a clarification. However, the report published by “Washington Post” has now confirmed that the Jhon Allen Chau was on a well planned mission.

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