Resolution of objections on Written Test of Pharmacist in IRB

Port Blair, Nov 28: Resolution of objections raised on questions and answer keys of Written Test of Pharmacist in India Reserve Battalion, Andaman & Nicobar Islands held at JNRM, Port Blair on 25/11/2018.
With reference to earlier Press Release vide No. DGP/RC/DR/ANP & IRBn/2017/6766 dated 25/11/2018, the resolution of objections raised on Question No. 20 of SET-C of Question Paper is overruled and the answer key uploaded is correct. The Answer Key uploaded for Question No. 16 of SET-C is correct. Objection raised on Question No. 73 of SET-C is found correct. The correct Answer for this Question is Option ‘A’ instead of Option ‘C’. Accordingly, the correct answer for the same question in SET-A at Serial No. 33, in SET-B at Serial No.53, and in SET-D at Serial No.93 is Option ‘A’ instead of Option ‘C’. Objection raised on Question No. 13 of SET-B of Question paper is found correct. Hence, this question is withdrawn from all Sets i.e., Question No. 93 in SET-A, Question No. 13 of SET-B, Question No. 33 in SET-C and Question No. 53 in SET-D. Now, the total numbers of Questions are 99 and total mark is 99 for evaluation, as said by Jatin Narwal, IPS Public Relation Officer/Superintendent of Police (HQ) Police Headquarters, Port Blair.

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