Safety Tips on Monsoon Preparedness

(For Cyclone, Heavy Rain, Water Logging, Flash Flood etc.)

  1. Listen to radio or TV weather reports for warning & advice and be alert.
  2. Identify safe shelters in your area. These should be cyclone resistant and also find the closest and safe route to reach them.
  3. All your family members should know the safe routes to nearest shelter/raised puccabuildings.
  4. Keep your emergency kit and basic food supply, medicines, torch and batteries etc. ready in waterproof bags. Drink preferably boiled water. Keep your food items covered.
  5. Doors, windows, roof and walls should be strengthened/checked before the cyclone season through retrofitting and repairing. Store adequate foodgrains and water in safe places.
  6. If your area is flood-prone, consider suitable flood resistant building materials.
  7. Do not let children and pregnant woman remain empty stomach.
  8. Put furniture, clothing and valuable items etc. on a higher platform so that they can be shifted safely/easily.
  9. Do not use electrical appliances, which are in flood water.
  10. Do not go into water of unknown depth and current.
  11. Do not allow children to play in, or near flood water.
  12. Do not venture into the sea if so advised. Stay Indoors under the strongest part of the house/if not moved to the cyclone shelter.
  13. Remain indoors until informed that weather has improved.
  14. In case of cyclone alert, do not go out, till officially advised that it is safe. If evacuated, wait till advised to go back. Use the recommended route to return to your home. Do not rush/panic.
  15. Be careful of broken/uncovered power lines, damaged roads and houses, fallen trees etc.
  16. Be careful of snakes, as snake bites are common during floods.



Courtesy: Directorate of Disaster Management

A&N Administration


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