TBCFI Marked the Beginning of a Sporting Era in Andaman

Port Blair, Sept 07: People from different corners of the country are dreaming and bleeding all blood and sweat to fulfill their dreams. The blessed youths rich in talents are coming forward to leverage opportunities knocking their doors, thanks to those who help them come out from the webs. Recently, 9 children from Port Blair, Andaman participated in All India Tennis Ball Cricket and Catch Ball Tournament 2018 held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu from 10th August to 12th August 2018. Organized by Tamil Nadu Tennis Ball Cricket Association under Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India (TBCFI), the tournament was an open call for the best of sportsmen under 18 from schools, universities, cities, and states across the nation.
The best of Tennis and Catch Ball aficionados from Goa, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka participated in the Tournament where a team of 9 children from Andaman (Sarfaraz – Delanipur School, Sohail Nizam – Khalsa Public School, M. Harsh – VKV School, Mani, Sohail, Sandeep, Bala, Kuldeep, and Dharma) partook in the tournament for the very first time. In the thrilling Tennis Ball tournament where the competition was fierce, Goa turned out as a champion, Rajasthan as the second runner-up, and Andaman was the nerve-wracking competitor to the opponents.
In the heart-throbbing Catch Ball Tournament, the contestants from Kerala, Andaman, and Karnataka were brought into a level playing field. The experienced eyes kept a keen watch on each and every move of the participants until Kerala won the match and Andaman team turned out to be a second runner-up in Catch Ball Tournament. Though Andaman players missed the mark by a few points, they continued making hay while the sun shines and won a million dollar hearts of the spectators.
As a matter of fact, a myriad of opportunities are missed by people in Andaman in almost every sector. But this time, the history is made by the children and academy as they do not only dreamt to reach a national level competition, but also showed an exemplary performance throughout. The children and their coach had worked hard against the clock to grip this opportunity and ride along to give the other talented folks an inspiration to bring enamor of sports to Andaman.
The Team Mr. Raj Head Academy, commented, “It’s been the first time Andaman has participated at an inter-state level competition. For eons, Andaman lacked the close communication with the inter-state or national sports competition. Though, the children can choose to excel in any sport of their choice, a well-equipped infrastructure, advanced training, for all players. This year, our children not only brought the certificate of participation with them, but also hope and motivation for our millennial. They have marked the beginning of a new tradition. Inspiring other youths in Andaman, we would target the national level sports next year.”

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