Tenants of Municipal Shops asked to Pay Outstanding Dues

Port Blair, Feb 28: All the Tenants of the Municipal Shops that PBMC has allotted many Municipal shops on monthly rental basis, but it has observed that many tenants are not paying the Monthly rents to PBMC before due date and as a result huge dues are outstanding.

Revenue Officer, PBMC said that it is a final notice to all the tenants of the Municipal shops to pay their outstanding dues on or before 16th March 2019, failing which the allotment order will be stand cancelled and PBMC will seal the premises and process for re-tendering of the shop.

PBMC has also noticed that many tenants of Municipal shop and private shops are keeping their goods/materials in the footpaths and outside the shop, which create hindrance for movement of General public; hence all the tenants of Municipal Shop as well as private shop owners are requested to remove the goods from the passage and also remove the illegal extension of Municipal shops. In communiqué received from Revenue Officer, Port Blair Municipal Council said.

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