Testing of Disaster warning Sirens


Port Blair, Apr 17: Disaster warning Sirens have been installed in the premises of Secretariat, DBRAIT,DSS Marine, Chatham’Saw”Mill  (Forest Dept), Police Station Aberdeen, Police Station Pahargaon, Police Station Chatham,  JNRM Port Blair, Fish Landing Centre, Junglighat, IOC Forest Guest House Carbyns cove, Police Station Bambooflat, Police Station Ograbraj, Police Station Chouldari Police Station Hummfrigunj, O.P Wimberlygunj, O.P Ferrargunj, Police Booth Hathi taapu, OP Tirur, Tirrur Jarawa Protection Post, OP Radhanagar, Rajiv Gandhi Aquaculture, Kodiyghat Police Station Neil, Police Station Havelock, Nimbutala, Rangat, OP 19 Km R.K Pur, L/Andaman. Fire Section, Hut Bay (L/Andaman), EOC Car Nicobar Teressa – A.E Office APWD, Chowra . JE Office, APWD, Katchal – A.E office APWD, EOC Kamorta and EOC Campbell Bay. The sirens have been installed to alert the general public during any Disaster which is blown at high pitch/volume. The Siren will be blown in the following manner during occurrence of the disaster.

The siren will be tested on 3rd and 18th of every month at 1000 Hrs. during the test, the siren will be blown for two successive blast for 30 seconds. Siren of Electronic Display Board installed at  Police Control Room, State Control room, Junglighat (Fisheries Department) met Office, MRCC. JOC, INS Jarawa at Port Blair, Fisheries Dept. at Rangat, EOC at Mayabunder, MRCC  at Diglipur, Fishries dept.  At Hutbay, EOC at Kamorta, EOC at Car Nicobar, and MRCC and EOC at Campbell Bay will also be blown in a similar manner at 1000 Hrs. Therefore the General Publiuc is hereby informed not to [panic during the tgest of siren and requested to remain calm during test blast of siren on the date and the time specified above.

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