Traffic Police Advisory

Port Blair, Feb 24: Annual maha puja of goddess Sri Muthu Mariamman will be held at Austinabad Temple on 25/02/2019. Large number of devotees will observe the fire walk at the temple premises. For the smooth flow of vehicular traffic, the following diversions are proposed by traffic police.

All the vehicular traffic shall remain suspended in the stretches from Corbyn’s Cove to Austinabad, Prothrapur to Austinabad, Brichgunj Junction to Austinabad and Dog Squad colony to Austinabad. No vehicle shall be allowed to proceed towards the Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple, Austinabad from any side after 1300 hrs.

The vehicles which intend to proceed to Corbyn’s Cove from Pathergudda, Prothrapur stretches after 1300 hrs, the route will be Prothrapur Junction — Dog Squad — INS Utkrosh back gate and Carbynscove Junction.

The vehicles which intend to proceed to Bathu Basthi, Pathergudda or Prothrapur from Corbyn’s Cove Junction after 1300 hrs, the route will be Corbyn’s Cove Junction — INS Utrkrosh Back Gate, Dog Squad and Prothrapur/Pathergudda/Bathu Basthi.

Hence, the general public is hereby requested to cooperate with traffic personnel during the time of diversions.




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