Transportation of Liquor through Helicopter service ??

Port Blair, Feb 06: In these islands, consumption of liquor is increasing day by day. The places where Bars or ANIIDCO wine shops are functioning, people can get their brand easily but those places where there is no ANIIDCO wine shop or where liquor is totally banned, people are trying every hook and crook to get this nectar.
Information has been received that people had developed many creative ideas to make fool the aviation staffs as well as security units by way of sending liquor in helicopters in a camouflage manner.
As per norms, liquid items are strictly prohibited in flights & helicopters but the staffs involved in aviation sector as well as security personnels are allegedly liquid items for unknown reasons, sources said.
Its high time now that such activities needs to be totally stopped as forthcoming Lok Sabha election is knoking in the door step and such activities may influence the voters to cast their votes for sake of liquor in the dry areas where helicopter is making its service. Administration must inquire into this matter and should take some strict action to stop transporation of such liquid items else it will be too late.

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