Tribal Development Council and New Delhi YMCA to sign MoU to promote art and culture among the Islanders

Port Blair, May 20: Local NGO, Tribal Development Council has stuck a great deal with New Delhi YMCA. Three senior members of New Delhi YMCA are visiting the Islands to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tribal Development Council. Under the MoU, New Delhi YMCA will assist the local NGO to promote art and culture among the Islanders, specially the tribal communities.

The seeds for this important partnership between the two organisations were sown when two members of the New Delhi YMCA visited Port Blair last October. During their short stay in Port Blair YMCA members, Norris Pritam and Aloke Michyari had organised a fun run in the city along with Rasheed Yoosuf, the Chairman of Tribal Development Council. It was then decided to take it further and start a long-term joint programmes.

“I am glad so soon we have come to this day when we are signing the MoU with Tribal Development Council,’’ said Mr Joseph Benjamin, the General Secretary and CEO of New Delhi YMCA. “I am excited that even the administration of Andaman & Car Nicobar Islands has taken note of our effort and extended all possible assistance,’’ Mr Benjamin added.

Mr Norris Pritam, a veteran sports journalist and a Vice President of New Delhi YMCA feels that this partnership will go a long way in spotting even sporting talent in the Island. “I was a founder member of the Special Area Games scheme of Ministry of Sports in the 1985 and now I feel we will repeat our effort in spotting talent and harnessing it.’’

“I am excited that this partnership comes in the year when World YMCA is celebrating 175 years of its existence. Considering New Delhi YMCA is an important member of the World YMCA Movement, this alliance will have global impact,’’ Mr Pritam added. He said he looks after the tribal affairs of New Delhi YMCA and it will give a great opportunity to work with tribals from the Island.

Mr Norris Pritam said the partnership will also expose the Andaman & Nicobar Islands to the strong World YMCA community “It will open new vistas in the area of tourism,’’ he said.

For Aloke Michyari it will be a kind of homecoming. A tribal from Jharkhand, Michyari has also worked in the Island for a long time in relief work while working for an international organisation. “I am pretty excited to be back in the community that is so close to my heart,’’ said Michyari.


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