TSG Bhasker advocates for reframing the Menu of Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Port Blair, May 13: The Chairman of ANTCC Campaign Committee Mr. TSG Bhasker has taken up a most important issue regarding the quality of food being served to students under Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

 In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration on Saturday, Mr. Bhasker informed that nowadays the quality of food being served in the schools has deteriorated. Many parents are complaining about the lack of nutritional foods being served to their childrens and food being not cooked properly and without taste.

Mr. Bhasker emphasized on the need to reframe the Menu of Mid-Day meal in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and include nutritional items like Banana, Eggs, Milk, Paneer, Curd etc. He also recommended to include variety of vegetable dishes in the Menu as it is observed that Potato and Soya Beans and repeated often in schools.

He suggested the A&N Administration to review the menu chartered by Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Government and try to implement it in the Islands which will help in increasing the nutritional status of students and pamper their taste buds.

Mr. Bhasker also stressed on framing a special menu for tribal childrens studying in various remote villages based on their palate. Further, he urged the Chief Secretary to deploy some officers as supervisors to check the food taste and quality in schools so as to increase the enrolment of students in the coming years.

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