Zero Tolerance of Traffic Violation in City

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Port Blair, Dec 17: Adopting Zero tolerance policy towards Traffic violation in Port Blair city, it has been observed by A & N Traffic Police that many Commercial/Pre owned four wheeler vehicles are playing their vehicle with Tinted glass. Such practice is in violation of the Supreme Court Judgement. As per the orders of the Supreme Court of India, use of black film or any other material is not permitted on the windscreen and side window of the vehicle throughout the country. Only company fitted tinted glasses are permitted with 70% Visual Transmission of Light (VTL) with windscreen & rear window and 50% visual transmission of light for side window. Hence, all vehicle owners are advised to remove the tinted glass/other materials immediately from their vehicles, if fitted. Violation is punishable with challan and on-the spot removal of film.
It has been also found that most of the private cars/bikes are fitted with pressure horns, modified silencer and playing their vehicle on road and create loud noise, Violators are advise to remove the modified silencers, pressure horns from their cars/bikes immediately.
Further it has been also notice that LED light have been fixed on their vehicles which affects the vision of oncoming vehicle rider/drivers and it makes driving difficult at night. The citizens make take the pictures of such vehicles and either sent them to official Facebook page (i.e) or post them on THIRD EYE SCHEME whatsappNo.9531892228, so that the action may be initiated against the violators.
As per chapter-II, rule 39 of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Motor vehicles rules, when any motor vehicle which is not registered in the UT has been kept in the UT for period exceeding 14 days, the owner or the person in charge of the vehicle shall send intimation to the Registering Authority, and shall intimate(a) his name and permanent address, and his address for the time being (b) the registration mark of the vehicle (c) the mark and description of the vehicle and (d) in case of a transport vehicle the date on which the permit has been issued or countersigned within the UT.
As per Rule 47 of Motor Vehicles ACT,1988 when a motor vehicle registered in one State/ UT has been kept in another State/UT exceeds period of twelve months, the owner of the vehicle shall, within such period and in such form containing such particulars as may be prescribed by the Central Government, apply to the registration authority, within whose jurisdiction the vehicle then is, for the assignment of a new registration mark and shall present the certificate of registration to that registering authority. Hence, all the owner of the vehicle who have brought their vehicle in this UT are requested to give the intimation/change of registration to the Registering Authority within 15 days, as said in a press release by Superintendent of Police (Traffic) A&N Islands.

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